Monday, February 27, 2017


“A Girl Named Mister” was sent to me by Blink – a division of Zondervan Publishing – free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.
“A Girl Named Mister” is a Christian fiction novel, written by Nikki Grimes.  I love the way the book is written almost like a poetry anthology.  She writes from the point of view of someone from the Bible and her character.  In this book, it is Mary and “Mister” – both young pregnant girls dealing with their pregnancies.
Of course, Mary is dealing with telling her parents and Joseph that she is pregnant by the Holy Spirit.  It talks of when she goes to see Elizabeth and when she tells Joseph.  “Mister” (Her name was Mary Rudine – initials MR, so people called her Mister…cute huh!?!)  Mister tells of her journey of going too far, being dumped, and having a child. 

I would recommend this book to middle schoolers up.  I think the subject matter may not be understood by younger ones.  I would say use discretion.

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