Wednesday, February 19, 2014


“Unholy Hunger” is a Christian fiction book written by Heather James and published by Kregel Publications.  It is BOOK 1 in the “Lure of the Serpent Series”.  I would consider it in the genre suspense/mystery.  It is very dramatic and was put together well.

In this book a little girl is taken…her innocence stolen…and her body thrown away like it was trash… and it tears her mommy apart.  Her daddy becomes depressed, but her mommy becomes enraged.  She decides that she WILL see justice in the murder of her child…even if she has to take it upon herself to administer it.  It tears her marriage apart and almost lands her behind bars. 

I think Heather James did a fantastic job letting us know what happened without going into graphic detail.  I will say that if you’ve personally experienced loss like this, I wouldn’t read it.  If, however, you like crime dramas, this is full of suspense right up until the very end and it’s done in a sensitive way.

I would recommend this book to most readers.

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