Friday, February 28, 2014


"Below the Surface” was sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review by Zonderkidz…which is a division of Zondervan. 

“Below the Surface” is the third book in the “Code of Silence Trilogy”, written by Tim Shoemaker. It is a young adult suspense novel.  It is not preachy, but the characters do pray, so I would consider it Christian, as well.  I also commend Mr. Shoemaker for writing in a manner that the reader can picture the violent scenes without him going into inappropriate graphic detail…which I believe to be unnecessary.

In all three “Code of Silence” books a group of friends work together to solve crimes that have been committed.  In all three, on or more of them find themselves in a dangerous situation which could very easily become fatal.  “Below the Surface” puts Hiro, the girl in the group who wants to be a police officer, in danger because she witnesses something and will not leave it alone.  Cooper, Lunk, and Gordy also end up in a precarious situation because they determine to help Hiro.  Cooper also must face a fear he has developed and the panic attacks that have been consuming him in order to help her.

I would definitely recommend this “Below the Surface”, “Back Before Dark”, and “Code of Silence” to young adult and adult alike.  It is a good read!

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