Monday, May 20, 2013


Have you ever started your prayer time or worship time and been carried to another place...No! I don't believe in time travel or anything like that! Well, this morning, as I prayed and listened Jesus carried me to a place of peace. He showed me where I find that true undeniable peace. He also place a poem on my heart. I thought I'd share it with you...

Every Time the Music Starts

Today as I sat in silence

Listening to hear the Lord speak

He painted a picture before me

Of the peace that I so often seek

It wasn’t financial increase

A big house or a fancy car

It wasn’t good health or a close family

As wonderful as those things are

He showed me how Sunday mornings

When the praise rings all around

When we sing and I start to listen

When I close my eyes to the sound

I drift to a place of calmness

To a place of perfect peace

A place where His arms are opened

And I’m praising Him on my knees

I drift to a place where I see Him

On the cross, in the sky, on the throne

Or maybe He’s holding me and saying

It’s okay Child.  You’re not on your own

He showed me a need-A yearning

For the music that fills my heart

Where would the calm and the peace go

If the music didn’t start

If today the melodies vanished

If the harmonies all went away

If today the guitars stopped twanging

If piano couldn’t play

If today the trumpets stopped sounding

The drums lost their rhythmic beat

If today the bagpipes ceased their moan

If today the flute couldn’t tweet

If the music stopped, the singing ceased

No longer the worship of song

If I couldn’t lift my voice in praise

That’s when my peace would be gone

Thank You sweet Jesus for music

For placing Your songs in my heart

Thank You for letting me see You

Every time the music starts

                           By: Penny Henry

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