Thursday, May 2, 2013


“Short on Time” sent me”A Taste Of Reality” free of charge in exchange for my honest review. “A Taste Of Reality” is a fiction fantasy book written by Marla J Hayes and Angela Falkowska. In it we meet Alcina and Guy, Terri and Denis’-all royalty from France. When Terri finds out that, on her 18th birthday, it is arranged for her to marry Prince Denis’, along with the news that the daddy she adored had died on that same day, she runs away to America’s own Napa Valley to continue to produce fine wine as her daddy did. When she gets there, she meets the caretaker, Gaspar, and his mystical cat, named Beltane. When Denis’s mother dies, he too makes his way to Napa Valley and ends up working for Terri at her vineyard. A lot of strange things happen in this book, holding my attention from start to finish… And, it was a quick up fun read. I’d recommend ”A Taste of Reality” to high schoolers and up – simply because of some questionable language that wouldn’t be appropriate for younger ages.

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