Friday, April 12, 2013


This week I began a new devotion book by Laine Lawson Craft. She sent it to me free of charge, in exchange for my honest review of it. It’s called, “Feeling God’s Presence Today” Don’t you sometimes get into the doldrums and feel like not even God is listening? I know I do… especially since this Fibromyalgia started. I find that, if I don’t refresh my mind by spending time with Jesus daily-even hourly (or minute by minute, as the case may be )-I will start believing Satan that “God just must not care”. And, and with the anxiety attacks, I find it hard to just “be at peace-be rest in His presence-be not afraid ”. Well, I started reading this devotion every morning and it just starts my day out calm. I remember to “Feel His Presence ”. Laine starts each day with a Scripture and ends with a prayer. It only takes a few minutes and it starts my day on the right footing. Laine also sent me a copy of her new magazine, “WHOA women”. I LOVE IT up! I told a friend the other day that it reminds me of a Christian “All You”. It has all the usual - makeup tips, recipes, fashion. But, it has more…It has stories of women who have triumphed over tragedy. Laine has a “WHOA women” website with forums and other extra “stuff”, and she’s even going to have “WHOA women” talk show starting in May. I’m excited! I would definitely recommend this devotion book, this magazine, and all things WHOA women! Thanks Laine!!


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