Friday, April 12, 2013


I am really enjoy reading Karen Mueller Bryson’s “Short on Time” books. They are books that only take a couple of hours to read, so you can enjoy one during lunch breaks or maybe while the kids are napping. Karen sent me ”The Incredibly Awesome Adventures Of Puggie Liddell - Tesla Time” completely free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. It is a fiction story that I would probably consider Young Adult. I believe that it would be enjoyed by the middle schoolers even up to adults (I enjoyed reading it.) There are a few big words… But, I just to see it as as an excuse to pull out a dictionary and learn something new. I especially liked how Karen included history and science throughout this adventure - awesome way to learn! Just to whet your appetite…Puggie Liddell and his sister are on a field trip, fall into a pool, and are sucked into the past… Oh the adventures trying to get back home! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone is adventurous and doesn’t have a lot of time to read a 200 to 300 page book. Karen Mueller Bryson is one of my favorite writers.

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