Monday, March 25, 2013


Q&A to celebrate release day! Tues 2:00 EST. Stop by! #Avenger @heatherburch Heather Burch Brings Readers Back to Another Realm with “Avenger,” the Third Book in the Wildly Popular Supernatural Series “Halflings” avengerHalflings scribe Heather Burch pits her 17-year-old heroine Nikki Youngblood up against her most ominous opponents to date, a demonic seeker and a fully powered Damon Vessler, in the eagerly awaited third book in the supernatural series, AVENGER (Zondervan; $14.99; April 2013). In the exciting new sequel, fans (aka “Fanlings”) will reunite with the tomboy who, after wounding Damon in last year’s Guardian, must find the courage to defeat him once and for all. Nikki is adjusting to life as a Halfling when she finds herself on the run from the deadly seeker Damon sent after her. With her life and those of the other Halflings (including boyfriend, Mace, and admirer, Raven) threatened, she is forced to become the hero they all know her to be. Put to the test, Nikki determines quickly that her karate sword is not the answer to conquering her adversaries, but it is her faith that is her best weapon. From the start, Burch captures readers and places them at the center of the action. They will anxiously follow along as Nikki faces off against several dark forces, leading to a nail-biting battle with Damon. It is this escalating tension that fans have come to anticipate from Burch. The fight sequences are only part of what will keep readers glued to each page. Those still wondering about the romantic cliffhanger in Guardian will discover in AVENGER that although Nikki may be settled into her relationship with Mace, Raven still waits in the wings. In fact, Raven may be the only one who can keep Nikki safe. While she’s sure Mace is the one for her, Nikki can’t help feeling respect and even a glimmer of adoration for Raven. At a time when both their fates are in her hands, she struggles to make sense of it all. Burch scores again with a brooding new tale in the Halflings series that clenches readers with a fascinating portrayal of young woman torn between her heart and her destiny. The author’s perfectly crafted high-intensity scenes are countered with delicate romantic and faith-based elements that create a well-balanced, nuanced story. Fanlings new and old will not be disappointed with AVENGER. By the end of the book, they will be clamoring to find out what happens next in this hypnotic saga. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Heather Burch grew up in Branson, Missouri, where she first discovered her love of fiction. A former esthetician and now an ordained minister and motivational speaker, Burch writes full time. Her YA series debuted in 2012 with Halflings, followed later that year by its sequel, Guardian. She lives in Venice, Florida, with her husband and two sons.

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