Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Today I finished reading “Denied” – a fiction novel written by Michael Rushnak.  I received his book free of any charge in exchange for an honest review…I LOVED IT!!  “Denied” is the third book in THE HEALTH CLUB SERIES, so I have to go back and read BOOKS 1 & 2…It seems, however, that “Denied” can be read out of order and still understood.

This book kept me on my toes from page 1 until the very end!! There are twists and turns all the time – a real fingernail biter!!  In it we get to meet some really evil people and some really faithful ones.  We follow Cardinal Gallagher, Bishop Shuls, Panini (I love his name!), Dr. Jonathan Rogers, and his daughter, Dr. Ashley Rogers…among many others.  In the background, there are a couple of love stories, but this is mostly suspense…Even a big, burly, macho guy would LOVE it!  Michael also includes a lot of history of the Catholic Church, so we can understand what is going on.  Oh! And, don’t think you’ve figured it out in the beginning because, trust me, you haven’t…Your mind will be changed many times – even until the very end!!

This was an excellent book and I definitely would recommend it to adults and young adults!! It does have some cursing and violence, but not so much as to be prohibitive! ENJOY!!

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