Thursday, February 7, 2013


I just finished reading, “Winter’s End”, by Rebekah Lyn…It is the second Christian Fiction novel in the “Seasons of Faith” , provided to me free of charge in exchange for a completely unbiased opinion of it. 

I love to read Rebekah Lyn’s novels because they are set in the south.  “Summer Storms” and “Winter’s End” were both set in my home town and I recognize a lot of the scenery…In “Winter’s End”, we get to continue on with the romance between Lizzie and Ian and Michelle and Jeffery…Michelle becomes a major player in a murder that happens in her office building.  Steven, who began as a concierge in “Summer Storms”, advances in his career.  We don’t see it happen, but I’m thinking that Detectives Emerson and McDonald, will end up together in subsequent novels…maybe a spring or autumn…LOL? 

This book was very good and I would DEFINITELY recommend it for a good read.

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