Wednesday, October 31, 2012


“Your Heart’s Desire – 14 Truths That Will Forever Change the Way You Love and are Loved” is a non-fiction self help book.  It has fourteen sections, including my personal favorites, “Desiring My Son to Grow to Become a Man of Faith” (I have two sons. J) and “Desiring Expressions of Love and Romance in My Marriage” (Don’t we all long for this?).  I liked all fourteen sections, but these were my two favorites!

The way Sheri sets this book up makes it easy to use as a small group study.  Each section is also broken up into several sub-sections, beginning with an appropriate Scripture.  Then there’s a teaching section which includes personal anecdotes to make it interesting and applicable to life.  Sheri calls the next sub-section, “Love Coaching”.  It is filled with Scriptures and more teaching.  There’s a prayer in each called, appropriately, “Let Us Pray”, and a “letter from Jesus” she calls “His Love Letter to You”…another Scripture and a “Treasure of Truth”.  I love the way she includes “Love Questions for Your Small Group”.  And, my favorite is “Love Question Online with Sheri Rose”.  For example, in the “Romance” section, her question is, “What if my husband is not the romantic type?”  She includes a smartphone snapcode to take you straight to her online answer or a URL if you don’t have a smartphone.  Then in the back, where you would normally find an appendix, Sheri pulls out, “Chapter Highlights to Hold On To”.

I really enjoyed this book a lot! And, to add to your experience, Sheri has DVDs that can be purchased, online love coaching, a women’s conference, and, soon to come, a study guide. 

I definitely recommend this book and all of Sheri Rose Shepherd’s material.

And now, a treat!  ”Desiring a Happily Ever After” for you to preview.


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