Friday, October 26, 2012


 Today I finished reading another one of Karen Mueller Bryson’s “Short on Time” fiction novellas.  I would classify this one as a romantic comedy.  It is called, “Twyla’s Last Trip”.

In the beginning “Lucy” (I call Lucinda that because she hates it! LOL) is a snotty, “mightier than thou” person who cared about nothing or no one more than defending her dissertation, obtaining her doctorate, and getting a job as a professor at a swanky high fallutin’ college.  She couldn’t even be bothered when her mother called her to tell her she was dying! UGH!  When her mother, Twyla, died and TJ, her country lawyer called “Lucy” to tell her, she hung up on him.  TJ wasn’t giving up that easy though, so he drove to her research lab.  “Lucy” thought her mother was just a poor “trailer trash” cat lady, but was surprised to find out that she was actually a multi-millionaire.  “Lucy” stood to inherit all that money, but Twyla had added stipulations to her will … She had to take a road trip with TJ (and his hound dog) across the country, stopping several places for photo ops, and ending in California where she was to bury Twyla’s remains.  I thought it was funny that her urn was shaped like a cowboy boot.

I highly recommend, “Twyla’s Last Trip” if you’re in need of a quick “pick me up”  - can’t put it down - read.

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