Wednesday, October 24, 2012


“Like Moonlight at Low Tide” is a fiction Christian Young Adult Romance that was written by Nicole Quigley. 

I really love the way we got to meet Melissa (Missy) Keiser, a young girl who was dealing with bullying at school, as well as a HORRIBLE home situation.  We met sweet Josh Durham, who took  Missy under his wing from DAY 1…I loved the way he would leave flowers and notes and other things on her windowsill…just little things to make her smile.  I despised the school bully, Tanya Maldanado, for the way she treated others that she felt were “under” her.  Sam King was okay, but very selfish.  Bruce made me so angry, even though he was trampled on, himself, because he took his anger out on the person’s children instead of her.  Robby, Missy’s brother, seemed to be a sweet, caring young man under the surface.  He was so sweet always to his little step sister and to Missy.  He tried to turn his life around, but was just torn down.  I can’t go any further into the big without giving it all away.

Believe me, you want to read this book! It was SO good! I don’t usually give 5 stars unless a book REALLY touches me.  This book will receive 5 stars!!

I highly recommend “Like Moonlight at Low Tide” by Nicole Quigley.

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