Saturday, October 13, 2012

One Last Class

“One Last Class” is a “Short on Time” fiction romance novel written by Karen Mueller Bryson.

I really liked the way I was able to read it cover to cover in just over an hour.

In “One Last Class” we met Nora, the loose designer student and Chay, the still immature Malibu Boy.  We watched Chay win Nora’s heart by doing some fun things…He even learned to Belly Dance.  The two main characters were Amy, the college professor who thought she wanted nothing more than tenure and Zak, who wanted Amy. LOL  Zak was the lead Malibu Boy when he was younger, but really wanted to grow up.  We saw him work really hard to win Amy…Did he? You’ll have to read Karen’s book to find out!

Oh! I almost forgot two more important characters – Elvis and Viola – But, you’ll have to find out about them…HINT…SUPER SWEET ROMANCE!

I would recommend “One Last Class”…though only to more mature audiences.  It wasn’t nasty, just had a few scenes that I wouldn’t let a younger person read…maybe high school up.

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