Monday, October 15, 2012

A Light in the Darkness

“A Light in the Darkness” is a Christian Fiction romance written by Staci Stallings.  It is the third book in the “Faith” series.  All three books are centered around a college in Boston, Massachusetts.

In this book we get to follow the lives and romance of Holly and Gabriel.  Holly’s mom is a piece of work and she treats her daughter like dirt.  She’s gone from marriage to marriage as a gold digger and expects Holly to do the same.  Twice, Holly gets discouraged to the point of ending her life, but Gabriel, the groundskeeper, is there to stop her.  He has demons of his own that later, she helps him to work through.  They both think that the other could not possibly want a relationship, but…

In the end, Holly learns that she really can trust her friends, her stepdad, and mostly, Jesus Christ.

I would DEFINITELY recommend this book – and entire trilogy! It is a GREAT read!

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