Monday, September 24, 2012

The Road Home

 “The Road Home” is a Christian Fiction Contemporary Romance written by Naty Matos.  It’s a look back at the life and loves of Desiree Adams and her best friend since college, Aimee.

Wow! I’ve run the gamut of emotions in this story.  I’ve been touched and hurt, extremely happy, extremely sad, and extremely angry.  I’ve laughed, giggled, cried, and pounded my fist…such an emotional roller coaster story!

Several current issues were touched on – including premarital sex, abortion, abuse, incest, and even homosexuality.  Throughout, we learned that God should be our only judge.  We don’t have the right to judge ANY sin because God judges ALL sin the same and ALL have sinned! We also learned that God’s love and forgiveness shining through us can melt the hardest heart.

I would recommend this only to adults because of some of the scenarios and a small amount of language.  The story is well written, but kind of hard to read.

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