Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer Storms

“Summer Storms” is a Christian Fiction Romance novel written by Rebekah Lyn.  It centers around the hurricanes that tore through Orlando in 2004.  We see the transformation and ultimately, the salvation of Jeffery Robbins.  We see the life and love of Elizabeth Reynolds.  We also get to see the friendships that she makes in the few short weeks encompassed in the novel.

It was fun to join Lizzie in the restoration of a rundown shack in a sweet neighborhood that she fell in love with, to become her pretty, cozy little home.

I am from Orlando, Florida, so I thoroughly enjoyed putting myself in the story.  I was able to envision the setting because I had been to most of the places mentioned and remembered them.

I definitely would recommend this novel and am quite anxious to read the next one in this series.

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