Friday, June 15, 2012


No I haven't lost it! I do realize that it's NOT Christmas!! Just bear with me...
Angels Unaware  
December 17, 1998…I’ll never forget the day!! I sat in my classroom after school doing lesson plans and making a list of supplies for the next day's Christmas party. An uneasy feeling shivered my bones and I was prompted to pray for my husband, so I did. Soon after I prayed my door opened to our Vice Principal, and my friend, telling me to come to the office for an important call. I never received calls at work so I became concerned, "who is it? Did they say?" She said she thought it was my husband or maybe his office. Well, that sent me into high alert and my heart began to beat double time. He was in the field and had no way to call in the middle of the day-nor would he! All I could do, as I braced myself, was pray harder. Then, as I got to the office, I was met by the head of our school and ushered into her private office… "Okay! THIS just wasn't done… Teachers took all calls in the front office… Something was DEFINITELY wrong! It seemed those few steps down the hall took hours! I heard his voice and panicked, HIS BOSS DIDN’T CALL!! "Dan's been an accident." My hand began to shake so hard couldn't hold the phone. Tears blurred my and his words became jumbled. She took the phone from me and asked my friend, our vice principal, to bring me some water. As I felt faint, my friend sat me in a chair and my boss took down the information. They were sending a car from my husband's office to take me to him and my sister would be there momentarily to pick up the boys… My life was crashing down around me!
I calmed a bit and decided to finish my lesson plans in my classroom while I waited. I sat. I prayed. I worried… And then… I heard angels! "Silent night... Holy night... All is calm…” my favorite Christmas song of all time. I lifted my head and saw eight angels standing in my doorway… My eighth grade students, who are at basketball practice, saw something was wrong and determined to help. They finished their song with hugs from each and my spirits lifted. I forgot for a moment and calmed!! God surrounded me that afternoon with the cloud of angels.
As I look back to many hard times I’ve faced, I see that He has always provided that cloud-whether it be friends, family,-or a class full of students.
I give praise to my Jesus for the angels He sends into my life when I need them most. 

Jesus, You are so wonderful! Thank You for sending me angels and calling them friends! 
<3 I LOVE YOU!<3


  1. That was a scary day! I'm glad to have been a part of it though. You were a great teacher, and your creative writing class really helped encourage me to write.

    1. Your comment made my day, Tommy!! I am SO happy to hear that!