Thursday, June 14, 2012


So, today is the beginning of a desire God has placed in my heart for years! Today, I am beginning a RELAX AND PRAISE JESUS blog.  Jesus is SO AWESOME! I am going to endeavor to fill my blog each day with songs, poems, puzzles, games, even crafts and recipes to just give us a minute to RELAX AND PRAISE JESUS!! I feel so strongly that God wants us to just relax sometimes. He has showed me that more than ever since I have recently been diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA. I went through a period of having anxiety attacks almost daily…that lasted most of the day and drained me down to nothing. They even put me in the hospital a few times! At the same time, I was doing a Bible Study in the book of Kings. I don’t know about you, but I SO love it when God speaks to ME! Isn’t it so cool that He sends us where we need to go at the time we need to be there!?! Elijah was having an ANXIETY ATTACK! He felt like he was going to die…He was also depressed...even asking God to take his life.  But, God didn't take his life.  He sent him to go GET SOME REST (my paraphrase). Elijah had been running for his life from Queen Jezebel and was exhausted, so God led him to a safe place to get some rest. Then He awakened him and fed him. Then he slept again and woke and ate. And, then he was told to get on with God's work.
But, I think it is so awesome that God didn’t speak to Elijah in an earthquake or a storm or a fire…He spoke to Him in a GENTLE WHISPER…Gotta listen to hear a whisper, huh!?! Doesn’t God have to slow us down sometimes to get us to STOP AND LISTEN! He did me!! In my anxiety and fear God gave me this GENTLE WHISPER…

 My Child, I've Got You

 Lord Jesus, I've been so down and out
 I've been so filled with fear
But, I've felt Your embrace - Your gentle caress
Your warm touch has dried every tear
 I've felt myself kneeling beside You
My head lying on Your knee
As I've cried You've wiped my tears away
You've commanded the darkness to flee
I've cried, "Abba, Father, please help me!"
I've cried, "Daddy, I can't take the pain!"
You whisper, "My child, I've got you!"
I'll be your crutch and your cane
I'll hold you up when your legs grow too weak
When you feel like you've just had TOO MUCH
Just call out My name and give Me your hand
There's mercy and peace in My touch
"But, Papa, I'm weary, the steps are too hard!"
"I feel like I'm lost from your view!"
I'm right here, my child, I've got you
Don't worry! I know just what to do!
Thank You, Sweet Jesus for holding me
Even when I want to give up
Thank You for walking each mile with me
And for showing me Your love IS enough!!

By: Penny Henry

This was my GENTLE WHISPER...I hope you'll share some of yours with me.

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