Monday, June 25, 2012


Isn't it SO awesome to be able to listen to God's Word and His message on Sunday fellowship with other believers!?! It is extra special to me because I had to go almost three years without it.  With my back being in extreme pain, very little sleep, and then anxiety attacks, I had completely stopped going.  One Sunday about two months ago, though, Danny said, "Will you try to go to the church right down the road with me? If you have a problem we'll be back home in less than 5 minutes." I did miss Sunday School and church so much, so I decided to give it a try.  I have had to come home a few times, and I find it a blessing that we are so close. THANK YOU JESUS FOR MAKING A WAY FOR ME TO BE BACK IN CHURCH AND SUNDAY SCHOOL AGAIN!! I love You SO much!!

Ok, anyway, so yesterday Pastor Tim spoke on the fact that we can trust God no matter what we've done.  His message was out of John 21.  He spoke of when God asked Peter if he really loved Him. I just kept being drawn to Peter's need to "worry about everyone else".  I thought of how he asked if John would betray Him.  Isn't it the way we are too, though? We want to worry about everyone else...about their problems, about their sins, about how much more or less they have than us...But, what was Jesus' answer to Peter? "Don't worry about what my plans are for him. Just concentrate on what I have for you! Peter, JUST FOLLOW ME!! (my paraphrase)" God wants us to "feed His sheep"...He wants us to "spread His gospel"...He wants us to care more about others than we do ourselves. He wants us to TRUST HIM and not "our gut" - as Brother Tim put it.  I don't know about you, but I believe God will do a MUCH better job with my life than I will.

Today, go help a neighbor...or call a friend to check on them...say something nice to the checkout lady when you go for groceries...When you're on Facebook today, accentuate the positive...tell your Facebook friends how God has blessed you this weekend.  I know He has...even if it takes you a minute to think of how! Praise Him!! Lift your voice and sing to Him. Don't spend your day worrying about how much better you are or you have than someone else...spend it lifting that someone else to the Father!! And, then praising God that He has blessed you so much!!

I've been trying to come up with easy recipes that I can make and freeze so when I don't feel good we don't resort to expensive fast food that is not so good for us.  Today I made a chicken quesadilla wrap with things from my fridge and from my garden.

2 chicken breasts seasoned with salt, pepper, and crushed chicken bouillion - cook till done then chop up, shred, or cut in thin slices (however you like it)

Saute' green onions and peppers (plus any other vegies you like) with the cut up chicken...sprinkled with taco seasoning

Ready to assemble:
Whole wheat tortilla
Fiesta cheese shreds
Turkey bacon bits (or regular if you like)
Chicken mixture
Sliced Roma tomatoes (from the garden)
Sprinkle with parmesan cheese
WRAP into pocket

I wrapped mine in foil, labeled them, and froze them.

When ready to eat, bake at 400* for 20 minutes (and I will sprinkle shredded parmesan on mine) 


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