Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Well, today I was taken back to my homeschool days - when EVERYTHING we did became a math, science, history, of course english, art, home ec.- some kind of lesson for my boys...

Yesterday I made some homemade caramel from a cool recipe I found on Pinterest


All you had to do was submerge an unopened can of condensed milk into a crockpot till covered with water and cook on low for eight hours. I had my doubts, but since I had a can left over from homemade ice cream, I decided to give it a try – IT WORKED!! So I got this idea in my head that "Danny is in for a real treat!" I had pretzel sticks and chocolate chips… So how hard could it be to do the pretzels into the, caramel and chocolate… R I I I I G H T!!

So this morning, while I'm waiting for my computer to reload-Yes! It crashed again!- I started melting chocolate and caramel… Ready to make Danny treat… Let me tell you, it's not as easy as it seems! I ended up having to mold the caramel and chocolate on each pretzel. Then, I started complaining out loud what a BIG mistake this was. Oh yes, now comes the "homeschool" moment-except I was the student! I felt, in my spirit, the Lord reminding me of his parable of the "Potter and the Clay". I thought of how my Savior molds each one of us with careful, clean hands, until we are just right. I thought as I finished how some had broken and I molded anyway, but how I just got frustrated with others and gave up on them… But isn't it glorious that, though we balk and break and make things difficult, He NEVER – NO NEVER- gives up on us!?!

Then, I thought of the cleaning process and how difficult it was. I had to reheat the containers with soap to melt off the chocolate and caramel to be able to clean the cooking vessels. Again, I thought of how difficult it is for Him to clean us sometimes. But it has to be done so He can use us for the next task.

Thank you Jesus that you never give up on me like I did some of those pretzels.


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