Friday, June 22, 2012


Today I would like to praise God for His most wonderful creation - BABIES!!
Can you remember the day you first saw the plus - or the blue window - or the two lines!?! I can! What about the first time you saw his heartbeat? Wow! I even got to HEAR my grand daughter's heartbeat! And then, my other daughter-in-law actually had a DVD of my twin grandsons! But there's no better feeling than when they finally lay that warm little baby that you have longed to see for the past nine months - or in my case 8 - in your trembling arms! Do you remember that first step? That first word? That first day of school? What about the day he graduated high school and then college? Or the day he married his bride? And, of course, the day he laid his child in your arms? 
Today, I am remembering all those times as I think of twenty-six years ago when I was blessed with my second child.  His name is Steven Jacob Henry and he is my life!!  I thank God for and pray for my boys every day!
Here is a poem I wrote in honor of him...

I remember the day that you were born
All blue and struggling for air
They took you away without my touch
I covered you with my prayer
They brought you to me to say goodbye
Before they flew you far away
Not even allowed to hold you close
No! All I could do was pray
My God is great, He answered my prayer
He healed you and brought you to me
You grew so tall - did many great things
But I stayed on my bended knee
Today, far away again, I celebrate the day
Jesus blessed me with a tiny boy
I prayed, He cared, and made you to be
My precious beloved pride and joy
I'll pray every day for your safety and health
I'll pray for prosperity and love
I'll thank Him that you are a child of the King
A gift from my Savior above
I'll pray for your peace and richly blessed life
I'll pray for your desires on this earth
I'll pray for you joyful memories
Today as I celebrate your birth.

I love you Steven! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love, Mom

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