Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yesterday my daughter-in-law sent me a video of her and my son singing with my grand daughter.  Of course, any song coming from her lips would thrill me...but, the song they were singing made me think.

How many times do we walk around a grumpy with frowns and grimaces? Do we ever just "wear a smile" for no good reason? Her song said, "If your happy and you know it then your smile will surely show it..." I say, even if your not happy, SMILE...It will make you happy inside.  God's Word says, "IN everything give thanks!" Nowhere do I see Him ask us "FOR everything give thanks!" I don't believe He expects us to thank Him for losing our job...But, what about thanking Him for ALWAYS providing the food and shelter we need? He doesn't expect us to thank Him for sickness...But, what about thanking Him for being alive.  I don't thank Him when my kids are acting out...But, I sure thank Him every day for giving me those kids! Or, this is a good one...God doesn't even ask us to thank Him when our husbands are doing something to make us pull out our hair...But, can't you thank Him for giving you a husband to love and take care of you?  There is always SOMETHING that we can thank God ANY situation.

I believe that if we can thank God BEYOND our circumstances, THEN we will know real JOY and real PEACE.

Today for your RELAX time I decided to write an adult version of my grand daughter's song...Get up and sing and WEAR A SMILE!

If you know the Lord's your Savior
Give Him thanks
Because He died for your salvation 
Give Him thanks
If Jesus is your Savior
Make a change in your behavior
Praise His name, just lift your hands
And, give Him thanks

Through the happy and the healthy
Give Him thanks
Through the sad and through the sickness 
Give Him thanks
If you're wide awake at dawn then
Take a knee and bow your head and
Praise Him for the morning sunrise
Give Him thanks

Put a smile on, find a reason
Give Him thanks
Even if it's not your season
Give Him thanks
If your day just isn't working
Jesus knows that you are hurting
He can turn it all around
Just give Him thanks

Hope you have a WONDERFUL day! And always, in every circumstance, find a reason to PRAISE JESUS!!

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