Monday, July 18, 2016


I feel such a tug at my heart today that we, as Christians, instead of bad mouthing President Obama, need to get on our knees and cry out to God for him to be saved!! I was listening to my ABIDE prayer app just now that asked God to make His voice the loudest one that Obama hears! The loudest one that ALL of our leadership hears! Friends, I know he has caused a lot of damage during his administration.  But, if he would just get his heart right, think of the GOOD that could happen! If Donald Trump or even Hillary Clinton would get their hearts right, and put God first, just THINK of America! My husband continually reminds me that, no matter WHO is in that office, God is still and always the one in control! If every Christian would focus on getting God back into the Whitehouse instead of worrying about WHO else is in there, just think of America THEN! My heart is tearing in two to see how people have started to treat authority…especially police!  My brothers are police…They’re all prior military.  My SON, my brothers, and many family and friends fought for our freedom! To see how some people, view and act towards our soldiers and our police sickens me! But, us condemning them (though, I’m by no means saying to condone their actions) isn’t helping…We need to PRAY for them - that God would take hold of them and not let go until they’ve turned their lives back to Him.  We even need to pray for ISIS and Al Qaeda…Yes! I said it.  God tells us to PRAY for our enemies!!  And, a REAL hard one for me, He tells us to LOVE our enemies! I’m the world’s worst at getting busy and forgetting to pray…I understand! But, I’m purposing, especially during this election, to set timers that every hour, when I get up to move, I will pray for our country and its leaders.  Every time I hear of another attack, ambush, or massacre, I will pray for God’s intervention.  Every time I get angry about Obamacare or something he has said, I will take it as a prompting to pray for him to hear God’s voice the loudest.  Join me brothers and sisters.  Help me pray for God’s voice to be heard!!

Thank you for listening, and God bless!! 

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