Friday, September 25, 2015


“Project Inspired” was sent to me free of charge by Zondervan Publishing.  All they ask is that, after I finish it, I write an honest review telling what I thought of the book.

“Project Inspired” is a teen non-fiction book, written by Nicole Weider…with Kristin Billerbeck.  Nicole is a model and actress who wants to speak to teens about the bodies God has gifted them with.  She includes personal stories about how she was pulled into the negative ideas of modeling, such as inappropriate dress and body judgement.  She tells how God brought her out of that lifestyle into a mission to serve Him.  She makes this book attractive to teens by also adding in tips and tricks in styling clothes, makeup, and hair…things that are important to the teens of today.

I would recommend this book to teens, and even pre-teens.  I, personally, at 51 years old, even picked up a few tips…VERY GOOD BOOK.

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