Friday, April 4, 2014


The following book was sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review of it.

“Samantha Sanderson – At the Movies” was sent to me from FAITHGIRLS, a division of Zondervan Publications.  “At the Movies” is a Christian fiction novel by Robin Caroll.  Robin also has “Samantha Sanderson – On the Scene”…among her many other books that can be found at  I will be reviewing the other “Samantha Sanderson” book in the near future. These books are written with the teen and tween girl in mind, but I certainly enjoyed this one, as well.

Samantha Sanderson is a journalist for her school newspaper/blog…with a little help from her computer whiz best friend, Makayla.  Her mom is also a journalist who she looks up to as her mentor.  She also adores her daddy, who is a lead detective.  Sam witnesses a crime and is made the lead journalist to report on it.  The problem is she puts her nose in where it doesn’t belong and gets herself in a lot of trouble.  I love that we also get to see Sam witness to one of her friends that she finds out isn’t saved and wants nothing to do with Christianity.

I DEFINITELY recommend this book and Robin Caroll’s others.

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