Monday, March 31, 2014


The following novel was sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review of it.

Kregel Publications sent “Hands of Darkness” to me, which is the second book in the “Lure of the Serpent” series.  It is a Fiction novel by Heather James (a review of BOOK ONE – “Unholy Hunger” was written earlier). Both books are very well written, and are real nail biters.

In “Hands of Darkness” Evelyn Barrett is back with a vengeance.  She is now consulting for Detective Thatcher in his new department (still in Crimes Against Women and Children).  Her college friend Jen is introduced as a victim in this book, so Evy (as she’s called by friends and family) has a special interest in solving this crime.  She, once again, has to deal with pure evil.

I laughed and cried a whole lot while I was reading this book.  And, I REALLY wanted to inflict some of the pain the villain caused back on him MANY times! But, the thing that I liked most in this book was that, after all the hate and hurt we see, the last paragraph held the innocent smile of Evy’s tiny child.

If you like mystery and suspense and don’t mind chewing all your nails off, I’d highly recommend this book, along with BOOK ONE, “Unholy Hunger”!!

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