Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I have just finished reading, “Destination Unknown”, which was sent to m, free of charge, by Zonderkids in exchange for my honest review of it.  “Destination Unknown” is a Christian fiction romance written by Amy Clifton.  It is the second book in her series…the other being “Roadside Assistance”.

In “Destination Unknown” we join Whitney Richards in her senior year. She is wealthy, popular, smart…but, JUST NOT HAPPY. Whitney is a Christian, who loves others for who they are, but is hanging out with a stuck up crowd who thinks everyone else is beneath them. Even Whitney’s mother is shallow and cares mostly about appearances. When Whitney is forced to have a tutor for Calculus, she is also forced to look at herself on the inside. She falls for her tutor, Taylor Martinez. Through LOTS of ups and downs we follow their budding romance…Will they finally be together or will Whitney choose her lifelong friends and her family? You’ll have to read this book to find out. :-D

Amy Clifton is a very talented writer.  I SO enjoyed “Destination Unknown” and I would highly recommend it for a sweet read.

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