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Last year, with the help of Sparkpeople, I lost 80 pounds.  This year, however, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and put on a medication that causes weight gain.  I gained 40 of the pounds that I lost back.  The pain has eased somewhat, so I am back to try again.  This journey may be a little difficult, because of these meds, but I am determined.  I’ve added a little extra help by joining Spark Coach and I WILL lose 50 pounds by my 50th birthday, February 10, 2014!
I am a big planner (which helps in losing weight), so I decided, today while I was putting together my meals for next week, that it would be fun to share my strategy with you in a photo blog.
 As I said, I’m a planner, so I write down everything for the week ahead…workouts, meals, snacks, even my schedule.  I have a little purple planner that is divided up hourly.  This is an example of how I schedule my day…I am disabled and home all day by myself.
8:  quiet time, coffee
9:  breakfast
10:  workout
11 – 12: write (I freelance)
1: lunch
2 – 3: study (I’m taking a writing class)
4: snack
5 – 6: read (I review for several writers)
7: dinner
8 - 10: free time
11: evening snack (Yes, it’s late. I eat this snack to sleep, so it’s necessary.)
Now, my breakfast every morning consists of half a bagel with cinnamon butter, a boiled egg, and a cup of fruit.  


At 10am I do a workout.  On Monday, I do “Let’s Get Moving” (52 minutes). 
 On Tuesday, it’s “Weight Watcher’s, Let’s Get Moving Mix - Toning” (30 minutes) plus 20 minutes of intense house cleaning.  
On Wednesday, I do “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” (50 minutes)
Thursday, “Weight Watcher’s, PUNCH” (30 minutes) plus 20 minutes intense house cleaning (right now I’m cleaning out my guest room – UGH). 
 On Friday, I do “Let’s Get Moving 2” (48 minutes). 

 Saturday is “Walk the Walk” (20 minutes) plus 30 minutes of intense house cleaning. 
 I find that doing something different every day is easier on my body – and even more interesting. I don’t work out on Sunday, except for playing with my three grandsons. Oh! Here are the tools that I use for my workouts.  
That little blue thing on the end is my pedometer. Next, are my weighted gloves for “PUNCH” and 2#, 3#, and 5# weights.

 Ok now, at 1pm, I eat lunch.  I have three that I rotate... Monday and Thursday, I eat Greens and Beans with brown rice, grape tomatoes, and a lime or orange bar.  
Tuesday and Friday, I have tuna, wheat thins, pickles, and tomatoes.  
Then, on Wednesday and Saturday, I have Broccoli Rotini (Barilla whole wheat PLUS fiber) and, YEAP, YOU GUESSED IT, tomatoes (Can you tell I like tomatoes? :-D)
Again, Sunday is different.  We have Sunday School and church and then we go spend the afternoon with my grandbabies, so I don’t prepare meals ahead.  We usually have a toaster pastry (the kind with bacon and eggs) and some fruit for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch. I also allow myself a treat on Sunday.  It might be a candy bar, an ice cream cone, a big piece of watermelon, or even a bag of chips.  Knowing I have that treat coming makes “being good” the rest of the week much easier.

 I plan two snacks for each day.  Again, I have three that I rotate for my afternoon snack.  Monday and Thursday, veggies and fat free Ranch dip (I make it myself)  
Tuesday and Friday, I eat melba toast and Laughing Cow cheese.  
And, on Wednesday and Saturday, it’s Skooters cereal and skim ilk.
 I eat the same evening snack every day, including Sunday.  Like I told you earlier, blackberries and a 2% extra sharp cheddar stick, helps me sleep. 
You see, along with this Fibromyalgia comes chronic insomnia.  I read an article that said ½ cup of blackberries and an ounce of cheese 30 minutes before bed, helps bring on sleep.  I figured I’ll try anything!! Guess what!?! It works!! I eat it every night now!  

I don’t have pictures, because I make dinner fresh, but here is the schedule of what I make…

M – meatless
T – shrimp
W – chicken
R – pork
F- beef
Sa – fish
Su – ham

I usually find recipes on Spark Recipes or make them up myself.  Tonight I’m going to try out the brownie that was featured on the sight this week…made with greek yogurt, cocoa powder, and whole wheat flour.

 Okay, here’s my last picture.  These are my favorite tools!  
I drink the small one while I’m working out (24oz.) and the big one throughout the day (64oz.) WATER! WATER! WATER! Drink LOTS of it!! Sometimes, after I drink both of these, I drink a sparkling water with a squirt of Crystal Lite Drops in it.

Well, this is how I lost 80 pounds last year and 3 pounds this week! I hope it will help some of my Spark friends out there!

 As the founder of Sparks says a lot… “Until next time SPARK CHEERS!!”

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