Thursday, September 6, 2012

Run to Him and Rest

As many of you know, I went through several months of chronic anxiety attacks and spent many nights at the ER thinking I was dying.  As you read in my earlier posts, I couldn't breathe, but I could sing...The song that I sang was, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus".  Last Sunday our pastor preached about Psalm 46 and God gave me this poem...ENJOY!!
Run to Him and Rest


That night I sat as tears flowed fast

Where did you go? Why Lord?

I tithe. I read. I sing. I pray

It’s You that I adore

I don’t understand! I just can’t breathe

My heart’s beating out of my chest

I’m dying Lord, I’m so terrified

Child, be still, take my hand, and rest

Child I’m your rock and your refuge

Just breathe deep and sing me a song

I’m holding you heart to heart, Child

Lay it down and give me what’s wrong

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

It’s the sweetest name I know

You fill my every longing

You keep me singing as I go

Child, your heart is slowing down

There’s calm in the rise of your chest

I’m your breath, your life, I have you

Just let go, run to me, and rest

By: Penny Henry - 2012

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