Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Little Piece of Heaven

The story continues…”A Little Piece of Heaven”, by Staci Stallings, is the second novel in “The Faith Series”.  These stories are Christian Romances set in a college in Boston, Massachusetts.  In the first book, “A Work in Progress” we saw the struggles and triumphs of Eric and Becca.  This novel is mainly centered around the life and love of Jeremy and Emily.

I love the way Staci incorporates true scenarios into her books! Her characters always face situations that young adults actually encounter in college life.  I also love how she includes sermonettes that teach us about God and His answers to our problems.

I would DEFINITELY recommend this book and Book One, “A Work in Progress”, and I’m quite anxious to read Book three and tell you about it!! Staci is an awesome, interesting, inspiring writer.

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