Friday, July 6, 2012


With the recent downturn of this economy, things sometimes get overwhelming for so many people.  Close friends and family members are barely making ends meet.  We are living paycheck to paycheck.  Multitudes have lost their homes and even their vehicles.  I think of the many who are over extending credit cards – not to buy TVs and pools and things for entertainment, but to buy food and diapers…Many are cutting their pills and missing doctor’s appointments because, “those are luxuries”.  I think of all the debt collectors on their phones daily, the repo guys with plenty of work, and the banks who are signing eviction notices and sending sheriffs to oust the tenants.  It can be depressing.

Then, praise God in Heaven, I think of the one debt that is PAID IN FULL!! No debt collector will ever call! I will never see a tow truck pull into my yard to repossess! And, no sheriff will ever post an eviction notice! I get SO excited when I FINALLY get to mark a debt PAID IN FULL and that is one that was stamped in bright red letters before I was even born. Jesus paid for my one way ticket to the streets of gold. I may not be affording vacations here, but He has paid for me to bask in the sunshine and beauty of Glory Divine! I like a song I heard that said, “my debt was paid on a three day lay-a-way” PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!

So, the next time the mounting bills begin to get you down, picture those big red letters PAID IN FULL!! If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior that debt is PAID and you WILL be joining Him in Glory one day, when He calls His children home!


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