Thursday, June 28, 2012


Today I'm hurting really bad all over my body. I'm not sleeping. And, my sinuses are torturing me. The thing is, I'm not depressed or even sad. I have this joy and peace that are really don't even understand. I wrote this poem when my life was spiraling out of control and God began letting me see His peace that passes all understanding. I hope it encourages someone who may be facing hurt, sickness, or pain-because if you'll ask, he will give you a "Joy and Peace Unexplained"

Joy and Peace Unexplained

Dear Jesus, how do I begin to say thanks

For the feelings you've placed in my heart

You placed here a peace and joy unexplained

About things that could've torn me apart

It excites my heart to see how Your Word

Plays out before my learning eyes

When life is bad or when things are good

Your word answers all of my "Whys”

It was years ago, what a gloomy, scary day

My husband almost lost his dear life

He was hit by a and I asked, "Why, dear Lord?"

The news cut my heart like a knife

But Father, as Romans 8: 28 states

You worked it all out for the good

He was promoted to the office as we 'd been praying for

His pain brought what nothing else would

I lifted wrong and hurt my back

Found myself flat in the bed

I cried, "Lord, Why? How we'll make it?”

My house! Their school! How we'll fed?

Philippians 4:19, Lord

You've supplied our every need

school paid, my house cleaned, and food Brought in

More love than we never seen

I found out now that surgery’s for sure

But first I must have painful shots

I asked, "Why?" and I said "I can’t do it!"

"I'm scared!" These were some of my thoughts

But I opened Philippians 4:13

You showed me "all things" I can do

Even get through scary times of my life

If I remember that my strength comes from You

Then I cried, "Why Lord? I'm trying to do right!"

"Why do I suffer much strife?"

You led me to Psalm 34: 17

When I cry, You'll deliver my life

Well, finally through searching and yearning

And praying for that unsurpassed peace

You showed me Philippians 4: 6&7

"Cast my cares and spend time on my knees

I'm learning to cast my cares upon You

You gave me your word for the rain

Thank you my Savior, I don't understand

I feel joy and peace unexplained

I love you Lord!!

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