Tuesday, February 28, 2017


“Angels in the Bible for Little Ones” was sent to me by Zonderkidz – a division of Zondervan Publishing – free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.

“Angels in the Bible for Little Ones is a children’s fiction picture book. It is written by Allia Zobel Nolan and illustrated by Alida Masssari.
In this book, we get to see several instances where angels visited men and women on earth.  There’s Abraham – when the angels brought news that he would have a son.  Elijah – when the angels cared for him at the cave.  Mary – the news of Christ’s birth.  And, there are several more.  Each of the stories are just a few sentences with lots of pictures.  And, each story has the Scripture where the story can be found (I like that.)

“Angels in the Bible for Little Ones” is a board book with beautiful pictures, so I’d recommend it for tiny ones to sit and look at.  The stories are short, so I’d recommend it to the littlest readers.  And, as always, I’d recommend it to those who read to children.

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