Thursday, August 18, 2016


“Finding Peace WHEN LIFE’S MANUAL NO LONGER MAKES SENSE” was sent to me by Victoria Joyce Ministries /, in exchange for my honest review of it.

This Christian novel is a memoir written by Victoria Joyce.

In this novel, Victoria tells us of how she was released from the addiction of alcoholism.  She does not hold back her personal journey because she wants others to learn from her mistakes.  She tells us about times of discouragement and depression, when she lost jobs that she thought would be life-long careers.  She also tells us of a few of her lost loves. She speaks of illnesses, diseases, and accidents that she went through that set her back in her journey.  And, I was especially inspired by the fact that, through EVERYTHING, she never lost her faith in God.  She even told us about a scary and all together exciting encounter she had where she was able to SEE God fight her battle with Satan and WIN!! WOOHOO!!

Her stories are so personal that you will have no problem putting yourself in her shoes.  I definitely recommend this book to anyone who has been through a journey in your that NO LONGER MAKES SENSE. ENJOYS!! 

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