Monday, July 18, 2016

NKJV Teen Study Bible

“The NKJV Teen Study Bible” was sent to me by Zondervan Publishing, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.
I like Bibles that have study helps that encourage children and teenagers to read and study God’s Word.  This one is filled with them! It has colorful maps to help them know where the Scripture is talking about. There are also question and answers throughout.  An example is, “Where will history’s last battle be fought?”  Of course, the answer is “Armageddon”.  It even shows that the answer can be found at Revelation 16:16.  I like that it doesn’t just give the answer, but also shows where to find it.  There is a check off WHAT DO I READ TODAY? Or what I call read through the Bible. There’s a Bible Truth Index. And, I really like that it has a Teen Life Index.  It even includes Scripture on “Computer Games”!! :-D  The index leads to a letter that is like a devotion that gives the Scripture…Matthew 12:36-37 talks about making choices.  There are also plenty of other study helps scattered throughout.  I think these encourage further study.

I really like and would recommend this study Bible.

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