Friday, September 27, 2013


"Living Spring” was sent to me, by Rebekah Lyn Books, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.  It is a Christian Fiction book written by DiVoran Lites…the second in her “Florida Springs Trilogy”.

DiVoran is a very talented writer and “Living Spring” is a very good book.  Because I am originally from Orlando, Florida, I found myself transported back to the places she described.  This book took me back to days when I swam in the springs and hiked in the woods.  DiVoran did a very good job placing her characters in those places, describing in such a way that, I could almost see them again.

She allowed us to experience the budding romance between Nick and Jean and also the evil misdeeds of Richard.  Richard was the father of Jean’s little girl, Missy.  DiVoran had me rooting for Nick and Jean, giggling with little Missy (as well as hurting for her that her daddy was such a jerk), and hating Richard.

I am very much looking forward to Book Three in this trilogy and would recommend Book Two, “Living Spring”, as well as Book One, “Sacred Spring”.

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