Thursday, July 19, 2012


First of all, I will say, Praise Jesus' Holy Name, I was able to sleep almost seven hours last night, and am not hurting near as bad today

I was listening to a radio pastor this week who did an illustration that I really thought was good. I don’t remember it verbatim, so I will put my own spin to it…

This famous chess player (we’ll call him Bob) decided to take a break from his job and take his wife (we’ll call her Thelma) to the museum.  Thelma wanted to go look at the cool shoe display that showed the progression of shoes through the ages. Well, Bob had no interest in that so they decided to check out a few things on their own and meet back at a specified time.  Thelma went her way and Bob began to explore.  He ran across a chess display and a painting and was drawn to it.  In the painting was a chess game in progress between the devil and a young man (we’ll call him James).  The devil was over there just guffawing and James was holding his stomach in agony.  In the bubble above the devil’s head were the words, “CHECK….YOU LOSE!!...I win your soul!!”  Well, Bob, being a famous chess player studied the board and began to laugh himself.  He rushed to Thelma and told her to go get his chess set out of the car. When she came back, Bob meticulously set his board up underneath the painting…Then he stepped back and looked at it with pleasure and said, “Don’t worry Son! Devil, you’re mistaken! You forgot that I have one more move…CHECK MATE…YOU LOSE!!”

The pastor used the illustration to say we have the last move – to depend on God.  I look at the illustration and say God made that last move when He sent His Son to die on the cross and rise from the grave.  The devil lost it all…He can NO LONGER touch our souls!! Praise Jesus’ Holy Name!!

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