Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Do you remember a couple of days ago I wrote of "Angels Unaware"? Well, one of those precious angels asked me to read and review his book, "Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery"… 
Tommy Mann was one of my creative writing students and is now an excellent author. 
I think back to the day they told me I would never hold my Angela in my arms. She was to be my "Littlest Angel". I had already bought the book and was making plans of decorating her nursery in angel motif - lots of pink in frills - until… Now my Angela is an angel “Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery”. I wish there had been someone to dry my tears and help me understand. 
Though Tommy knows all too well that there is no understanding, he attempts to dry some tears and answer Biblically some of the questions gnawing at each of us such as "Is it my fault?", "Is she really in Heaven?", "What will she look like?", and many more. He also shows that, though a man may not show as much emotion, he does care and he does hurt. He goes over some comments that help and some that made him want to "punch someone in the nose". And lastly, he has testimonies, including his own, of how God blessed even through this hurt and tragedy.
I would highly recommend you read this book whether you've been through the loss of a child or love someone who has. It can be purchased hard copy or e-book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or from Tommy's website

Have a WONDERFUL day and remember to RELAX AND PRAISE JESUS!!

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